Richard Stanley & PiNS Artist©2022, Creative Collective, Saatchi Gallery
Deputy Director of Education, Richard Stanley & artist PiNS © 2022

Following my link up with City Lions & RBKC Libraries for their annual Creative Collective Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, happy to say several of the artworks from the schools I helped facilitate students in creating, made it in the final exhibition after a public vote YAY! (Although my personal faves didn’t make it Ah well)

Looking at a blank piece of paper & starting anything can be a daunting thing, especially creating some art / an expression of self, and especially when you only have 1hr to do it.…

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Cuppa_Diplomat 2

The lovely Jeannine Saba, Creative Design Director for Diplomat Magazine, got in touch and wanted me to design the front cover for the Diplomat Yearbook and Education Guide 2014, was more than happy to accept…

Diplomat is a foreign affairs magazine that provokes intelligent discussion from the heart of the Diplomatic community in London. This 67-year-old magazine provides a unique insight into the minds of the most prominent world leaders and governments.

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Sir Ken Robinson – Educating the Heart and Mind

Sir Ken Robinson is an author, speaker, and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies. In this video, he touches on subjects such as thinking differently, finding your passion, ADHD issues, personalising education instead of standardising it, and creating a new culture going forward.

With a keen interest in using creative methods as a means of educating the youth of today, I’ve become a big fan on his thoughts and what he represents, and the way he illustrates his points in a humorous and digestible manner.…

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