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How often are PINS products released?

PINS releases new products as and when he feels inspired... Actually if that was the case, he'd release something every other day. In reality, there are no set dates or timescales for when new products are released, so for this reason we encourage you to subscribe to the Newsletter and you will be the first to be updated when new products are launched.

Why is the clothing so expensive?

This is mainly due to the exclusivity and limited factor of each individual print maintaining a sense of rarity, similar to high-fashion designers, except PINS focus is in casual clothes. Please do not get our clothing confused with mass-produced consumer items.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

PINS is inspired by everyday life, but his passion for both Food and Sneakers seems to be a core element of influence in his designs.

Can I buy your products from any shops?

All PINS products are only available online and through selected events. PINS products will not be available on the high street or in any back alley in any part of the entire galaxy.

How do I know the items are authentic?

You are guaranteed original items on all PINS products purchased through the online store, which will have the signature tags and labeling throughout the product. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of PINS products purchased elsewhere.

Is all your clothing going to be Donut based? And why Donuts?

Yes. No. Maybe. PINS may present other food/concepts in creative ways, who knows, you'll just have to keep up-to-date with all exclusive releases by joining the mailing list and be the first to get a glimpse of the new products. And why Donuts? Why not! When was the last time you refused a krispy donut!

Where do you get your printing done?

All PINS products are crafted in the UK.

Do you sell wholesale?


How do you wash the t-shirts?

Turn the t-shirts inside out, cold wash, 30 degrees with mild detergent, dry flat and iron on reverse for that extra krispy fresh feel.

How do PINS T-shirts fit?

Please click here to see our size guide

Do you customize clothing?


How safe is your online payment system?

Very safe indeed. All of our payments are done through Paypal or Google Checkout, both are very secure methods of payment. We do not hold, or have access to any of your personal bank details.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do. Please check our delivery policy here.

How long does delivery take once order is processed?

This will depend on the service you pay for. For more information on our delivery services, please click here.

Do you exchange or refund items?

Due to our items being very limited, we do not accept returns. That is why it is important to finalise your purchase before payment. However you do have the option to exchange the item for a different size. This is subject to availability. Please click here for full information on our returns policy.

I have just placed an order, can I change/cancel it?

Once you have placed your order, you may be able to edit/cancel it, but this would depend on how quickly you let us know and also the status of your order. If your order status is marked as dispatched, this means your order has been sent and it is too late to change or cancel. You can send the item directly back to us, but we will not be responsible for any delivery costs incurred.

If your question has not been answered here, please contact us.