HANG IN THERE – PINStallation @ Salvation Army

PiNS Artist, Hang In There, PopUp Show, Salvation Army

“If it aint easy, make it easy”
Mum said that


So back when I was a wee nipper, mum used to take us to the local Salvation Army in Croydon, the one near the main flyover, after school and on weekends for a kinda youth club based there. I remember a biggish hall, a tuck shop with all the freshest sweets, snooker / pool tables, arts n craft options, 5-a-side footy, basically a ‘vibe’ for any kid with bags of energy.…

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Cedar View Care Centre 1_PINS Artist

So during my ‘Coming Home’ PINStallation at the Museum of Croydon , I’ve met so many diverse people, young and gold, from diverse backgrounds enter the space. One such group was The Cedar View Care Centre guys who whizzed down, and of course I gave them the full tour / breakdown of what the project was about, to which they positively responded and got involved in designing their brick boxes 🙂

Special thanks to Karen, who works at the Centre, for not only bringing the guys down but also for her enthusiasm in doing so, and really embracing the creativeness of it all, by literally creating a ‘PINShrine’ of the day in their reception area at the Centre – how random, how cool *Big up Kaz!…

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PINS Artist_Croydon_Close up

This year marks 100 years since the Housing Act, which in 1919 gave rise to widespread building of council housing across the UK and including the London Borough of Croydon. So since visiting my Stormzy / Coming Home installation currently on at the Museum of Croydon, the Croydon Housing team got in touch, felt the ‘bricks’ vibe and wanted an interactive element to their ‘100 Years Of Council Housing’ exhibition which they were putting on, along with archival bits from the Museum itself.…

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