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This year marks 100 years since the Housing Act, which in 1919 gave rise to widespread building of council housing across the UK and including the London Borough of Croydon. So since visiting my Stormzy / Coming Home installation currently on at the Museum of Croydon, the Croydon Housing team got in touch, felt the ‘bricks’ vibe and wanted an interactive element to their ‘100 Years Of Council Housing’ exhibition which they were putting on, along with archival bits from the Museum itself.

Of course my initial reaction wasn’t as enthusiastic, seemed a tad too corporatey initially – but then somehow I found a way to connect things and create a concept for a PINStallation – after looking at the Croydon Map for ages thinking, I simply turned it to the side and saw a heart shape, which lead to the ‘Croydon Heart’ which would aim to reflect the thoughts & memories of croydon residents in various areas across the borough, in a cool way…BOOM!

The exhibition is on at the Croydon Clocktower til the end of the month, so feel free to visit and leave a comment / memory of Croydon living on the colourful house cards provided (all hand cut by moi) and drop them into the brick boxes *These will be kept in the Archive Collection at the Museum

Thankyou to Lindsay for connecting us, Rachael on design front and Marie for saying ‘OK PINS, do ya thing – spray that wall!’ 🙂


PINS Artist_Brick spray PINS Artist_Brick floor PINS Artist_Cutouts PINS Artist_Croydon Heart PINS Artist_Croydon Housing Exhibition 2 PINS Artist_Croydon Housing Exhibition 3 PINS Artist_Croydon Housing Exhibition 5 PINS Artist_Croydon Housing Exhibition 1 PINS Artist_Croydon Housing Exhibition 4 PINS Artist_Croydon Crowd 1 PINS Artist_Croydon Crowd 2 PINS Artist_Comment cards PINS Artist_Woman writing PINS Artist_House About A Hug_Croydon PINS Artist_Brew hand PINS Artist_Stormzy hand PINS Artist_Croydon_House hug
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