PATCHY RANGOLI WORKSHOP – Diwali Celebration at Museum of the Home

Patchy Rangoli Workshop, PiNS©2022, Museum of the Home, Diwali

I’ve linked up with Museum of the Home to celebrate the event of Diwali, by them commissioning me to run a workshop to help people create Rangoli inspired designs, which will go on to form a larger co-created artwork through textile installation. I will be exploring the museum’s personal collection of objects & things to incorporate design elements, as well as explore traditional Rangoli aesthetics.…

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Vaisakhi 2022, Croydon Gurdwara 1

Linked up with some of the Croydon Gurdwara youth to create some artwork to commemorate the great Sikh warriors who fought back in the day, as part of the Vaisakhi celebrations 🎉

None of the guys had spray painted before so thought I’d give em a crash course, from which they created the base fill for the overall ‘canvas shields’. The finished artworks with names, including the Chali Mukte (the 40 liberated ones who sacrificed themselves in battle) can be seen in the Library area at Siri Guru Singh Sabah Gurdwara, Croydon.…

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