Richard Stanley & PiNS Artist©2022, Creative Collective, Saatchi Gallery
Deputy Director of Education, Richard Stanley & artist PiNS © 2022

Following my link up with City Lions & RBKC Libraries for their annual Creative Collective Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, happy to say several of the artworks from the schools I helped facilitate students in creating, made it in the final exhibition after a public vote YAY! (Although my personal faves didn’t make it Ah well)

Looking at a blank piece of paper & starting anything can be a daunting thing, especially creating some art / an expression of self, and especially when you only have 1hr to do it.…

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Sir Ken Robinson – Educating the Heart and Mind

Sir Ken Robinson is an author, speaker, and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies. In this video, he touches on subjects such as thinking differently, finding your passion, ADHD issues, personalising education instead of standardising it, and creating a new culture going forward.

With a keen interest in using creative methods as a means of educating the youth of today, I’ve become a big fan on his thoughts and what he represents, and the way he illustrates his points in a humorous and digestible manner.…

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Over the past few months, residents, Groundwork London and Hackney Homes have been working hard to transform the community garden at Linzell Estate in Hackney.

Groundwork called me up to run some workshop sessions at Bsix Sixth Form College in Clapton, which will eventually result in an environmental / ‘foresty’ inspired mural on a wall in the Linzell Garden area, with the help of the Sixth Formers generating potential ideas.…

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The first PINS Workshop of the year kicked off at Charlton School, a Group 7 Community Special (ages 11–19) School for students with low incidence special educational needs. They asked me to come down and deliver some creative therapy sessions which would allow the young people to express themselves through t-shirt/cap/canvas design and then all come together at the end to create an Olympic inspired mural.…

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Been a fan of Ken Robinson for a while now and have to say he speaks the TRUTH! Everyone has their own opinion on issues as creativity, education, social issues etc, but Ken manages to deliver such issues in an understandable and digestible manner with some great referencing…the Michelangelo/David bit made sense…”Remove the bits that aren’t us”…bit of a long one, but defo worth the watch!…

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