riddlesdown school graffiti workshop 1 Riddles2_2013

Another year, another PINS workshop at Riddlesdown Collegiate down in Sowf London…think it’s the fourth year in a row now, lost count, but every year a fresh batch of Year 7s, around 360 to be exact, all on a Human Rights hype, always a pleasure…no proper dessert (apple crumble n custard etc) this year though 🙁

Photo credit: Riddlesdown School (top)


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Been doing ‘Graffiti Doodle’ Workshops for a while now, which basically involves me plotted up in one area, doodling people’s names/phrases in a graf style on paper/card, the kids then colour them in, simples! This keeps them occupied for a healthy minute and they absolutely love it…the power of funny shaped letters is strong!

Thought i’d advertise it on here as I’ll be adding a separate section offering a variety of creative workshops soon…

If your interested in hiring me for your school / youth centre / community event / party, please get in touch at info@pinspired.com

Not only do you get my creativeness, my cool way with kids, but I also bring jokes too, like this one…”Why did the chicken cross the road??…

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Right, tees/sweats/fresh bits all packaged up n good to go for Streetfest

I’ll be dropping the fresh ‘Olympins’ and ‘Lacy Marilyn Part 2’ tees n sweats later on today, plus im gonna hold a raffle to win any tee of your choice plus loadsa extra fresh bits…

Hope to see you there 🙂


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‘BOY SOLDIERS’ Exhibition by Schoony

In these times of political madness and suffering around the world, Artist Schoony, who used to work as a film and TV special effects artist before turning to fine art, highlights these issues with his current exhibition: ‘Boy Soldiers’ Group show taking place at two venues: Blackall Studios and Graffik London Gallery. All info see above flyer.

The exhibition features a whole heap of creative talent including Insa, Goldie, D*Face, Inkie plus more.…

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