Banksy article


Was sitting down reading my Sunday Times, when I noticed the Culture Magazine which comes with it featuring an interview with Banksy. Opened the pages to view some joke artwork featuring the donut as ‘the national treasure’ guarded by US Police, nice! The interview was homourous and amusing just like his work, not taking himself too seriously and having fun with it.…

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Donut Making Course


I kid you not, there is actually a Donut Making Course you can jump on to…when I came across this, a sheer case of curiosity and intrigue came about…there is even a ‘Donut Formula’ in creating the perfect donut…Ed Chastain, the donut guy, is over serious when it comes to his donuts, gotta respect that!

Donut Fact: Donuts are the second most profitable food item in the nation, second only to the potato!…

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The little BIG Project


Yes, that is a custom toilet seat, customised by yours truly…For the past 1 1/2 months I’ve been working on a personal project commisioned by Arts Council to fully refurbish a community resource centre, where I am also a youth worker. The centre was literally falling to pieces, before I made the suggestion along with the support of local residents to revamp the place with some interior design and up-to-date installations.…

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Found my old Blackberry 8700 the other day and thought I’d revamp it a little, by turning it into an actual blackberry!


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