pins g shock1

When I bought my first ever all white g-shock, I thought it was crisp, clean and completed any outfit with that extra cool edge, and thought I was the dogs funi bits! The different colourways they came in were on point too, so you could co-ordinate nicely.

I dont really do bling, but the lateset additions, the Z-Shocks, are rather special! They come in White gold, yellow gold, platinum, diamonds or Ziamond cubic zirconia it’s entirely up to you. Have seen Pharell reppin one, and they drop badddddd…

“Next thing shes wearing my Z shock · Too much shanks dont know why my phone locked · Here’s my watch, she already seen it · This chapters alot, better close it – Just a look in her eye was so evil, Pins a party guy and she knows it…”

Courtesey of Pins Bootleg Recordings


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