I worked with Rav Singh recently, the man behind A Little History Of The Sikhs, during a Sikh History project with Croydon Gurdwara. The way Rav diligently dissects & presents archival research is exceptional, to the point he’s got me excited about finding out more about my own roots & the prominent Sikh contribution to British society which often gets overlooked

I shared a personal display, an art installation in collaboration with the Punjabi School youth & some stories about my Dad & his contribution to the fabric of Croydon over the years, along with others at a presentation over the weekend at Braithwait Hall. The experience of delving into my past & my dad’s journey, made me realise how much those before us dealt with internally to help build something in an unknown land, making sacrifices, putting their dreams a side, building a family, with a hope for a brighter future…

*Special thanks to Joan, Library & Archives manager for being super accommodating throughout the project, and Surinder from Croydon Gurdwara for getting us all into gear 🙏


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