This weekend…

I’ll be poppin’ up at KINDRED STUDIOS for their Open Studios as a guest artist, which should be fun – never been part of a community of artists in one concentrated space as such, as I have a home studio, yet find myself becoming more & more public with my practice, having connected with many artists over many spaces over the years, which have usually led to interesting projects & collaborations, so looking forward to this…

I love traditional arts & crafts, so when I walked into Natasha Hulse’s studio I felt the vibe…textiles, hand painted botanical appliqué, decorative bits on paper, surrounded by nature & sublime natural light…the perfect studio…I’ll pop up here, I thought…

As a guest artist, I’ll be responding to Natasha’s space through my own curated spread of textile artwork & objects which I’ve created over the years, inspired by nature, with a contemporary take on traditional motifs & palettes, to connect with the space as oppose to conflict with it.

As always, nothing is over planned, so just gonna vibe it & allow the meeting of diverse styles breathe new life…


DATE: May 20-21st

TIME: 12-6pm


13 Market Lane, London W12 8EZ

Nearest tube: Goldhawk Road


*Head over to KINDRED STUDIOS for more info – you won’t believe your eyes what they have planned…👀 

Big ups to kindred spirits Tina Crawford (artist) & Angelique (Kindred art boss) for the Pinvite💥 

Hope to see you there 🙂


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