PINS YKK London Showroom Flyer

My collab with zipper company YKK has now officially kicked off at their London Showroom in Shoreditch – feel free to have a nose at the PINStallation which is on view through til May, featuring some classic / fresh artworks all connected in a rather ziptastic way exploring consumerism, mental health and social media.

*Lovely YKK Blog Post about installation > HERE

Opening Times:

Mon – Fri > 9am – 5pm (Windows / Buzz upon entry / No shutter artwork outside) 
Sat / Sun > Closed (Shutter artwork viewable outside)

Super proud by the way this all came together, particularly through the personal connections and team spirit of everyone involved, so really hope you get to experience it…*Labour of love vibes 

Team love > Carlossa, Kazza, Diana, Georgina, Harks, David & Colin

YKK love > Kei, Sabine, Anna & Funto

Extra special love to Katie and her mum for making it happen from the start 🙂

Ps. More potential activity planned in the space, so will be sure to keep you posted…


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