Nass Fest: The 1-up return!


Its about that time again, tent out, tees wrapped in drug free plastic…Festival time! 2007 was the year I first reached Nass, a skateboard/in-line/bmx/extreme sports fest, which was my first festi, with the Bugly lot, but this time im 1-up which is nice, less phraff attacks! Slighlty a veteren in the game having attended Nass, Glastonbury, Bloomfest, Bestival and killing it eveytime with the sheer freshness of product…I will be getting my del boy on complete with flat cap and doing what I does best…

This time round Nass will be run by the energy drink Relentless, (4 red bulls in one big boy can!) so will expect loadsa young spring chickens brezzing around at warp speed on thier skateboards with glazed eyeballs!

There will no doubt be some exclusive bits available and some surprises in store from yours truly, so you may as well reach, purchase some PINS, find a girl/boy, and get your skank on to the likes of NERD, Tinchy Stryder, Lethal Bizzle, Chase and Status, Chipmunk plus more…

For more info on dates and tickets, click here

So come down and CHASE MY STATUS, be a NERD, until next time, inaBIZZLE…I AM PINS…Fleeeeeee!!!

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