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Was sitting down reading my Sunday Times, when I noticed the Culture Magazine which comes with it featuring an interview with Banksy. Opened the pages to view some joke artwork featuring the donut as ‘the national treasure’ guarded by US Police, nice! The interview was homourous and amusing just like his work, not taking himself too seriously and having fun with it.

“Personally, I always try to leave a wall looking better than I found it. I want to be karma-neutral. And if I do cause criminal damage, i’m careful to only damage property owned by idiots.”

“Graffiti is only vandalism when it’s done very, very well.”

Banksy has put together a secret exhibition at the Bristol Museum with the help of 6 trusted people and is now open to public from now until August 31st, should be a good look…


Showing here an original Damien Hirst, being painted over by one of Banksy’s signature rats…ridiculously nice!!

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