An Exquisite Mess, Haley McLane show, PINS Artist, Bruna MagalhaesĀ©

Was recently involved in a group show entitled ‘An Exquisite Mess‘ (Think Wallace Collection meets Burning Man Fest) – Set in the lovely private home of designer Haley Mclane down in Clifton Gardens, featuring a mixed bag of 30 artists, DJs and live performance artists.

The whole night was a vibe I have to say…some quality artworks and a nice mash up of people…oh, and the food šŸ˜› Was just nice to experience a full on show inside a house other than a gallery for a change, really helped shape the vibe and enjoyed the way people responded to the works, as if you could say, this was their house for the night, that homely feel without that clinical / stuffy vibe of a gallery, if you know what I mean…

Big up Haley on putting it all together alongside art curator India Dickinson, and all the other artists involved…special shout out to my guy Carlos for the connection, Whiskey, Henry, Sequinkay, Adam & Fred…Big up the Staircase going into the ceiling too *Features!…

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