HAPPY CAPS – Workshop @ Happy Streets Festival / Wandsworth

The ‘Happy Caps’ story…

Once upon time, there lived an artist named PiNS. He loved to create & so pursued his passion for art & design. One day he was very unhappy. He had completed a degree in Fashion Design but couldn’t get a job after months of trying. Feeling frustrated, he went off for a wander around town. One particular shop caught his eye…it sold baseball caps with cool designs. He noticed the hand painted ones stood out more, and thought to himself “I can do that”…
And so he did…which made him very happy & continued to share his happy across the land…


PiNS Happy Caps
@ Rose Community Clubroom, Ascalon Street, Wandsworth
part of Happy Streets Festival


Happy residents

Chetna @ Wandsworth Council

Sam @ Scene In London

Louka & Cherisse @ Happy Streets Team

Alex & crew @ Swans Events

Wandsworth Art massive

Until next year… 🙂


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