A large part of my creative practice is focused on providing better access to the arts for young people & under represented groups. I recently got the opportunity to deliver a co-created mural workshop with local residents in an unused green space in Wandsworth, as part of a community open day & a wider initiative to increase more positive growth in the area. As well as this, I have been working at the local Rose Community Clubroom as an artist / facilitator providing arts & crafts sessions for the after school programme there, which has been pretty fun & insightful, considering my previous role as a youth worker across many South London youth clubs many moons ago (when there were proper youth clubs to go to) – the creativeness has always provided me a great tool for inspiring the next generation and quite frankly, don’t planning on stopping…too much in us to bin us!

Thanks to Chetna (Interim Arts & Events Manager @ Wandsworth Council) & the team at Swans Events for involving me & Scene In London for providing a reimagined outlook through creative activity, always a pleasure mate 🙂

*I’ll be back in the area for the Happy Streets Festival on 6th July running along Thessaly Road, with a textile based workshop, more details soonish…


*Shout out to Nico behind Two Little Giraffes, who makes proper home made gelato each morning from his shop in the local area & had a spot selling some that day – this tub of yumness tasted sooo good in the sun, after hours of painting without food & literally wanting to eat the spoon too… *Edible spoons – get on it Nico!

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