HEW LOCKE X PiNS, Brixton Tate Library, London

Met the artist Hew Locke at his talk recently at Brixton Tate Library – the man behind ‘The Procession’, a spectacular sculptural work which showed at Tate Britain back in March 2022 til January this year. I saw this piece on numerous occasions, and thought rah, this man used cardboard in some next way, this is levels, great visual impact but so much to digest, nonetheless, it was inspiring.
“Basically I’m just mashing up a whole lot of history…a reparation of objects” he says.
He mentioned the entire artwork was made during the lockdown period and every material had to be quarantined, crazy.

“I can’t live in misery, I must find optimism in the world”


Photo credit: Ros @ Brixton Library


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