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So when I got the offer to deliver creative workshops as part of Westminster Libraries & Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea summer Holiday Programme, running at several libraries across London for young people aged between 7-16yrs, I thought this should be fun…and it bloomin’ was!

Not only did each library tick off my ‘visiting a new place of culture in London i’d never been before’ list, but it showed me a real need to activate dead spaces with creativity, colour & life! When we think of a Library, often is the case that we may think books, bland-ish, quiet vibes, but then that depends I guess on which Library you go to, as some double up as more active community civic centres with more activity, more importantly, they are safe public zones of concentrated culture of some sort for peeps to enjoy. Some of my best early years during college were spent in my local Library, more focus on social networking (in the flesh back then) than my assignments you could say, but it was a safe place to connect & learn outside your house. It was super sad to see alot of these spaces empty over the last year, with some opening up now, looking pretty clinical & uninviting to say the least. As for my workshops, I had no expectations of how many young people would actually turn up, considering the current climate and parents being super protective etc etc BUT was pleasantly surprised to see some healthy numbers of enthused young people, including parents, who were super keen to get creatively active – part of me was just happy to see the smiles and energy after over a year of almost nada, zilch, dead non-engagement vibes…

So instead of me over talking myself on how things went down, thought I’d leave that bit to the participants, the parents, the staff etc & visuals below…


My daughter and her friend thoroughly enjoyed this event at Kensington Library. Your workshop combined two of their favourites: books and art. They were so engaged by the activity that the time simply flew by, and at the end, they had lovely, personalised t-shirts and hats which they themselves had made. As a parent, I appreciated that you encouraged them to creatively express themselves with freedom, and to not be constrained by the myth of perfection, as you introduced them to the concepts of design. You were flexible in your approach and provided 1:1 advice, creating a very supportive environment for them to bring their vision into fruition. It was a joy to see what they’d designed. Finally, thank you for involving parents/carers and the workshop helpers in the activities too, since you had some extra space. You reminded us that art is for everyone, and that especially after the challenges of the last months, it’s important for all of us, regardless of age, to spend time doing what we enjoy. From young children, to teenagers, to adults, everyone was included, and there was such a positive, inclusive atmosphere. Thank you again for such a lovely experience.

Maia is still raiving about your workshop. She so enjoyed it.

It was really amazing time and was super excited experience for Lael!
Loved your slogan and teaching. ‘As there’s no perfection in the world we live in, don’t be discouraged, be confident and never give up what you do and try without quitting!’ Hopefully our children deeply understand this. Your workshop is fantastic for developing creativity which I think is more important than learning computer science these days and in the future.


It a good experience for my son 1st time to attend the workshop of art in the library he really wants to pursue being an artist.


We had such a great time yesterday, showed the family, they were well impressed. Arjun & Amrit wore their caps, T-shirt’s all afternoon in the garden and have not taken them off!

Thank you for sending amazing pictures for Noor & Salma. The Paddington Library workshop was fantastic and a great team. My daughters told everyone about it and wore their T-Shirts and Caps with pride by themself. Thank you and hope to see you soon in the next event.

The workshop was great, the children really enjoyed it, would highly recommend to others.
Susan, Paddington Library

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