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I use a Bic biro to sketch, nothing fancy, yet this simple medium brings me mad joy when capturing a moment, so thought to myself…with everything going on right now, especially the pressures on young people, why not share the vibes with others…


I’m looking to visit council estates mainly in London (but not restricted to) & run Sketch The Vibe walks complete with STV Starter Kits (sketchbook & working materials) in the hope to engage young people offline more & build their artistic confidence. I have 50 kits available, so if you’re a young person (11-19yrs) living on a council estate / housing with a keen interest in Art, or a youth organisation / youth leader who knows any young people who may benefit from a lil artistic mentoring – drop me a line / Ask your parents, and will try come to your endz and sort something – ideally groups of 5-10 in each Estate would be good **CRB checked standard

*For more sketchy shenanigans, plz follow @SketchTheVibe on Insta 🙂


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