BLM Protest, Parliament Sq. June 2020_PINS Artist©blog

BLM PROTEST – Parliament Square, London
Ink and felt tip on paper

The unity felt at this protest was beautiful. The media will paint another picture, as always. Divide and fool. It’s on us to stay connected, seek our own truth and trust each other more.

Edwasteman Colston, Bristol Harbour, June 2020_PINS Artist©blog

Ink and felt tip on paper

In 1680, Edward Colston, became a member of the Royal African Company, which had held the monopoly in England on trading along the west coast of Africa in gold, silver, ivory and slaves from 1662.

During Colston’s involvement with the Royal African Company from 1680 to 1692, it is estimated that the company transported around 84,000 African men, women and children, who had been traded as slaves in West Africa, to the Caribbean and the rest of the Americas, of whom 19,000 died (possibly lots more) on their journey due to the poor conditions on many of the vessels. The slaves were sold for labour on tobacco, and, increasingly, sugar plantations, whose planters considered Africans would be more suited to the conditions than British workers, as the climate resembled the climate of their homeland in West Africa. Enslaved Africans were much less expensive to maintain than indentured servants or paid wage labourers from Britain.

Colston became a philanthropist (as most slave traders / owners do) and constituted his charities to deny their benefits to those who did not share his religious and political views *But who cares

Colston died on 11th October 1721, and again on 7th June 2020. Good.

Rise, Bristol, June 2020_PINS Artist©blog

RISE – Bristol, UK
Ink and felt tip on paper

THIS. Think about the young people in the world and the positive vibrations they need right now from us ALL to help shape a better world for them…
The old ways are dead.


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