NO FACE LIKE PHONE Exhibition, PINS Artist, London

To contribute your ‘Uniqueness’ is to enrich society with your flavor, your freshness, your thoughts, your talents, to which people may not like or agree with, but it’s your expression, your way of life. People can be so wired into a ‘Sense Of Sameness’ (SOS), when something or someone ‘Different’ comes along, they either disregard it as some sort of gimmick, or creates a sense of envy or jealously, like ‘wish I came up with that’, or simply ‘You don’t fit in to Our zone’, regardless of talent or whatever social status, OR they want you around to tick a box in their social circle, the ‘token’ box. But, maybe your thing is to genuinely make connections and change perceptions through your uniqueness, perceptions of someone dressing / talking / acting the way you do, instead of going along with the conventional modes of dress / language / type, just because others do so in the ‘Safe Zone’.

For example in the Arts, there has always been this vibe or misdirected thinking that art belongs to a certain class or intelligence. It does not. Art is for everyone, and is not just confined to the elite or privileged, as it can appear to be at most Art Fairs, Exhibitions, Museums, Events without much diversity whatsoever. It’s those around us who enforce inequality and prejudice towards ‘Different’ that are often more deprived culturally in some deep-rooted way themselves, I find. Even more reason to connect & engage. So never overthink there’s something wrong with you or doubt your unique abilities. Celebrate that. It’s the arena they’ve shaped for the few, so create your own platforms and do YOU!


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