Unbound Tech Festival PINS Artist

Not much of a techy but had the opportunity to exhibit some of my tech-ish art at the recent Unbound Festival at Truman Brewery across two days, where they had all the big players in the tech game turn up and share / pitch fresh innovative ideas, tickets to attend the whole thing were up to £300, so only for the ‘seriously tech’ folk …turned out to be pretty interesting, and always nice to share art with an alternate crowd in alternate settings, connected with some good peeps…nice talk from Boiler Room CEO Blaise too, managed a quick sketch of him whilst on stage…

Thanks to The Artbrowser team and Nush (whom I met randomly, she knew of my shiz way back from Crepe City days) for taking the glorious pic of me below, love the way the AirMax colour codes nice with the ‘Shoot To Fill’ piece, *BANG BANG!


Unbound Tech Festival PINS Artist 1 Blaise Bellville Boiler Room Talk Unbound Tech Festival Blaise Bellville Boiler Room Unbound Tech Festival sketch Unbound Tech Festival PINS Artist sketch
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