I stand for who I am, and if that means i’m gay, black, white, or whatever, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but unfortunately to some, it’s a problem…

I remember in my school days being bullied, being called racist remarks on the streets, sometimes with my mum, and thought why do people do that, I mean we’re all the same…it’s only when you get older and realise what the term ‘ignorance of others’ actually means. Those who refuse to accept anyone but their own kind, people like them, and think everyone else must match to their ideals or ‘go home’…well sorry mate, we here to stay, so get used to it, #Donut !

Ever since those days, I’ve made it my thing to always support the underdog, the undervalued, the victim, the ‘invisible’ one whenever I can as I know how it feels to be pushed to the side.

Stonewall UK launched their Rainbow Laces campaign this week to kick homophobia out of football, I of course creatively responded…

Please show your support and share the graphic above far and wide!


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