Reached Upmarket, Brick Lane, after a month off, and the one time I decide to reach it snowed! I for one, always try my very best not to let this ‘good’ ol random british weather get in the way of one’s quest to sell freshness to the spending public, even if it snows! The turn out was pretty schweet considering, nuff oversized bobble hats n wench fur coats!

Big up my new customers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Geramny (seriously, if you wanna brush up on your languages, Upmarket is the place to be…gonna be fluent in each by the end of the year, watch!) and the trio, Rins / Cree / Danielle, from down the road 🙂

The only thing that jarred me was my toes, even with triple socks on, they were chap-a-lapin!


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