First n foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

WARNING: The following text contains some pretty deep content which may raise some eye brows, or hopefully raise YOUR game for 2012, but it’s all realness, so it’s all good!

Straight to the point…If you want a repeat of 2011, then keep doing what your doing, if you want to make drastic changes on the way you live, choice of lifestyle, career, more money etc, then it is down to you to make the necessary changes and make shit happen…the more people moan about their situations, lack of finances, constant association with negative people and general circumstances, the less they progress towards a better future…

By simply writing down a list of goals for 2012 (and beyond) will give you something to aim and work towards, instead of simply drifting and with no clear objective…yes go with the flow, but a directed flow is much better and more beneficial to your future…that’s if you give a donut about it, if not, then let other’s decide your future and follow their paths…not me mate…

If you want more money, learn and develop more in an area you wish to specialize in, explore areas which you naturally thrive in and find a way to turn a hobby into a money-making venture…the key is to increase YOUR value to the market place!

If you want a change of career but not too sure what to do next, get out of the comfort zone and into the danger zone, meaning jump out a plane, travel, do something random and explore areas which you wouldn’t normally think about, if you don’t try it, you’ll never know…follow your instincts and be aware of what elements you enjoy/dislike etc…keep constant notes…

If you want to get in shape, then you know what time it is…stop the snacking, over indulging n watch what you eat (ease up on the McDees/Cottage Cheese etc), stop the smoking, or at least calm down a tad (bad breath/constant smelling/yellow teef/dusty fingernails/dodgy lungs is NOT a good look, just saying), ease up on the drinking, and know your limits…stop the drugs…you gotta be thinking of long term effects (Messsssss!), instead of the short term highs…all this is easier said then done I know, but the sooner you start and take them first few steps, the quicker you gonna start seeing results…oh and join a Gym, it kinda makes sense, but only if your actually serious about getting fit, unlike most who join the first month into the New Year and simply give up straight after, waaaaaaste!

The people you roll with can have an impact on the way you act, talk and behave, so depending on where you want to end up or go this year, what area to focus on etc, choose your immediate network wisely…

If you want more time to do things, and are constantly in a huf moaning about the fact that your too busy and overloaded with the daily longness of tasks/work/etc, then try planning your day by the hour, ie doing more per hour, than doing more hours…this allows you to cram in more, increase your work rate and gives you more free time for other things (watching TV can waste time, unless you simply prioritize certain programmes, then switch off immediately after, instead of channel hopping as most do, and konk out on the sofa, lazy s***s!)

Discipline is the key for whatever you want to happen, but you already know this, im just blogging all this as abit of an outlet to express my thoughts of what needs to happen as wayyyy too many people constantly moan about shit and don’t act, and never seem to fully appreciate what they do have in life…their mind, and if used and developed properly, can create a life worth living…it’s on YOU to make the changes!

Until next time, have a blessed New Year, stay fresh like donuts n sharp like…


Ps. Got a healthy amount of freshness dropping soon, keep posted!

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