Now im not much of a junk foody, but I do get random cravings for McDees chips and ice cream…oh, you don’t know about that combination?? Your seriously missing out, try it, it’s da shizzzz…I was literally thinking the other day, how do they get these chips to taste the way they do, smell the way they do which gets us into that crave mode…

The whole McDonalds experience has always fascinated me, from their unique taste/smell to their impressive fast-food system which caters for almost 47million people daily!

Here’s some classic footage of how McDees all started with the McDonald brothers Dick and Mac, laying down the foundations, and Ray Kroc, capitalising on their unique business system and turning McDonalds into the vast empire it is today.

Ps. Enjoy McDees as part of a balanced diet, excessive eating is NOT a good look!


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