Frieze Art Fair 2011 in Regents Park…

Frieze Art Fair features over 170 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world. The fair also includes specially commissioned artists’ projects, a prestigious talks programme and an artist-led education schedule.

…I came…I saw crazy art, pretty gals, iPads, iMacs, and iTook nuff pics…amazing how 3hrs can whizz by when your having a POW! time…

Redmind, Mikhail Kosolapov

Standing Behind The Chair, Andro Wekua

Forgot name, Tara Donovan

Plunder, Ivan Navarro

I love donuts, Kenny Scharf

The Fruit of Knowledge, Elmgreen & Dragset

Red Scooter Nocturne, Ashley Bickerton

Cause & Effect, Do Ho Sau

Big Hoody, Erwin Wurm

Hot Gal 1

Praise The Lord, Georg Herold

Forgot name

Untitled, Elmgreen & Dragset

All you can eat, Farhad Moshiri

Untitled, Judith Hopf

Companion, KAWS

Fingerprint painting 2, Marc Quinn

Destroy Restore, Carl Hammoud

Etc, Peter Liversidge

Hot Gal 2

Doppelganger (Blue), Peter Liversidge


Forgot name

Mac Gals 1

Get your cupcakes and cookies for extortionate prices ere!!

Couples, Scott Myles

Oh, Richard Prince

Mac Gal 2

Untitled, Anish Kapoor


Mac Gals 3

Mac Gal 4

Hot Gal 3


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