Whats good peeps, went away for a bit but now fully back and on the bloggage!

Abit late on this, but if you love ‘Back to the Future’ as I do, then you’d know about the famous Nike Mags, the dope futuristic shoes which Michael J Fox wore in the film. Fast Forward a couple years and Nike decide to release 1500 pairs with all proceed going to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research…

The auction for these pairs via Ebay, started on September the 8th, with 150 pairs auctioned each day…current bids at around $3,150 per pair, jeeeeeez!

So if you feeling lucky and wanna do some good in return for some freshness (these defo gonna be an investment for the future) then start bidding HERE…mmmmmmm…should I dip into that ‘house’ money or not??


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