Acrylic on Shirt Jacket

Size: S

I remember back in secondary school in Art class, this guy was drawing Gucci perfume bottles whilst spitting bars & I would be doing the same (minus spitting bars) just more Ford RS Cosworth’s, proper coloured pencil renderings. We both clearly had some talent for Art, him more music, but back then it wasn’t something I could envisage as a proper career so to speak. Spitting bars, sketching cars…the fusion of melody, art, movement was always there at the core. I’d follow him up to Big Apple Records in Croydon’s Surrey Street Market after school certain times (90s era), a hub of musical activity which birthed a whole scene of Dupstep pioneers including this guy > KROMESTAR < I was more a Garage head, so would just buss my lickl 2-step here n there, but Kromestar was really in the mix – absorbing, creating, connecting – safe to say he is where is cos of his passion, his 10,000 hours plus & the grass roots foundation which he helped build back then super organically, pre-smart phone Era, is testament to how things have evolved over time music wise…

Fast fwd to today, and we’ve re-connected again over 20 years since, each on our creative paths, still here, mad journey, different lane, but same-ish…had to make him a custom piece for his gig at PNGA , Artum Birmingham last week after one phone call we had which inspired ‘Going Mad Over Nufink!’, a whole vibe in itself – plus knocked out a couple of sketches from the night, was good to get back into capturing live event vibes after so long…

F knows what’s next…

Croydon: Re-birth, ha


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