Ranj Rekhi – RIP

I knew Ranj from school days. He was a year or two above me & always looked out for me, in an older brother sense from afar. Throughout the years, we’d randomly connect, including them times at Croydon Gurdwara on a Saturday & just keep remembering this cool dude who oozed enthusiasm for life & feeling his positivity each time. For me, he was a natural cheeky chappy with a big heart, always there for others. It was his ability to connect with people through his art, whether that be a comedy sketch, radio, drawing, music, presenter (Sunrise Radio, Buzz Asia Radio, Lyca Radio) that made him special – man was a 360 creative!

He always bigged me up each time we met for pursuing the creative path & to keep it pushing, mentioning it inspired him seeing it & me returning the love to say how he inspired me to keep on creating through me seeing his journey too…we connected through a mutual love for brothers out here trying to carve out a creative career…

The last time I saw Ranj was at my Brixton Library Residency a couple months back, along with his brother – thanks to Dubtician for getting the guys down…can’t quite believe that was the last time we’d meet like that, but do remember both him and his bro getting involved in the creativeness that day, that shared energy was a beautiful thing to feel…

RIP my bro <3


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