The Summer Reading ChallengeReady, Set, Read! – kicked off again across London Libraries this Summer, and I was asked back by Newham Council to deliver workshops based on the success of last year’s delivery with t-shirts, only this time I suggested designing baseball caps with the families to link up with the sports & games theme this year…

My own art hustle started off by painting blank New Era baseball caps back in the early 2000s when I couldn’t get a job in Fashion, so thought I’d share that story to inspire the young people to create their own blank caps.

Same as last year, delivery was across 10 Newham based libraries including:


North Woolwich

Custom House

Canning Town (had a leak, so did East Ham twice)

East Ham

Forest Gate



Green Street

Towards the end of last year’s sessions, I felt I had nailed the workshop format to run in whatever library space I was presented with, as each one was different it made me more adaptable in my delivery using the materials I had.

This year it was another great run of workshops, the kids / parents loved it & the library staff were super accommodating, as were the volunteers who helped out, so big thanks to all those who reached up & got involved…

Special thanks to Deborah (Library Development Officer) for pinviting me down again & organising logistics for smooth delivery across all sites.

Until next year 🙂


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