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Seeing as art galleries or any centres of culture are closed right now, my only sanctuary seems to be the good ol’ outdoors, which i’m rather enjoying…

During my walks in the local area, I normally go passed the local church and notice spots of artwork dotted around including a lighting installation with words like LOVE / JOY lighting up the deadness of the night as you walk by.

So literally yesterday during a morning walk, I walked past the church and noticed the display had changed a tad, with a placement of several colourful stones all over the wall and stairs. My curiosity took me over and had a nose. It was then I connected with Penny, a local artist from South Croydon who grew up in Biggin Way, just round the corner, and was a volunteer and youth leader at the church – she also works for an organisation called the Girls Brigade where they run activities for girls aged 4-18 and encourage girls to be young leaders.

Penny was responsible for the visual display of lovliness, with each stone being handpicked and painted by her during Lockdown. Her intentions for the display and the stones was one of super selfless servitude to the people, in the hope to ignite a real sense of joy and inspire people to be creative too and to add to the installation – already thinking up some ideas myself…

Penny would like for people to connect with the works on display if in the area, and visitors are welcome to pick a stone or two for themselves to take away, how cute.

If about, please check out: Downsview Methodist Church, Upper Norwood, SE19


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