Woodpegger_PINS Artist© 1

Since this whole Lockdown madness, I’ve realised I live near quite a few woods which I never knew existed before. So during my daily walks, I’d find a wood, meet someone who told me about another one, and another one etc. I thought to myself what I could I do during my daily walk to motivate / uplift others during their walks? Then I thought about my mate Mel (@m3lod1e) and her painted peg note she recently put up on her Insta *it inspired me. So I had these ‘Pinpowered’ cards with a cute note on the back from a while ago, and thought I’d peg them up in the woods for peeps to find > colour > keep…like some pinstant art hit during your woody walk / run – hope you find 1 🙂


Woodpegger_PINS Artist© 2 Woodpegger_PINS Artist© 3 Woodpegger_PINS Artist© 4 Woodpegger_PINS Artist© 5
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  1. Ramsey

    Yeah you put a smile on my face both the times I´ve come across your work in by the benches near the fence of the White House gardens. Now I finally check out your webpage and see what It´s all about.

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