I was asked once where ‘PINS’ came from – well, it comes from the middle part of my actual name Bhupinder – so Pin, but then ‘Pin’ didn’t feel right on it’s lonesome, whereras ‘PINS’ the idea of many, can do so much more, collectively, so Pin became PINS. Boom. We can all do many things when we put our minds to them – like the NHS staff, doctors & nurses, they deserve all the praise and help possible for going that extra mile and literally saving lives. Amazing. The way people are supporting and volunteering is beautiful too. Yet I can’t help but wonder how things got to such a place when the pressure could have perhaps been minimized if the Gov really gave an F and focused more on people over profits, instead of forcing changes to the health service which put profits before people – leaving more hospitals closed or downgraded, and consequently adding more pressure to the roles of nurses & doctors. Exploring further, I also realized the NHS wasn’t even part of Gov control (it was removed from that responsibility in 2012!) Now, there’s a bag of stuff I could write here, but am a firm believer in doing your OWN research and making your OWN mind up – I’ve learnt to channel anger in the right ways, art being a great tool to do that – so will continue and bless this space with my truth & positive vibes – but will say, it’s on us, the people, to connect more and serve each other whole heartedly, whatever social status / background your from > Oneness…Big up the NHS heroes, low down THEM zeros!


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