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One morning early in the year, I was itching for a doodle to lay down some thoughts I had, and realised all my Sharpies were dead. The only thing available were a pack of Crayons which I kept more for aesthetic purposes on my desk (love packaging). The urge to create was strong as per usual, so I ripped open the pack and got my thoughts down. As I used the Crayon, the waxy medium really took me back to childhood times and drawing on the walls with them at home (never got slapped for doing this, big up Mumzy / Dadzy). I felt the kid in me unleash this random but collected artistic potency down on paper. Direct and free. It was also quite nice to use a fresh medium, widen the creative palette a tad. Some people are good with words, some with visuals, I like a mash up of both – so thought I’d share some artwork based on my current musings on social observations in 2020 so far > part of the #CosLifesAbitCray series which I’ll be sharing more of bit by bit…first one being ‘SHOWOFFS’– can elaborate more on this subject, but will leave it up to you to visually dissect and reflect…


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