PINS Play Hut – Thornton heath

PINS Play Hut_main

PINS Playhut is now officially open for play…

Located in Trumble Gardens Playground, Thornton Heath, local Art Activists Frank & Surel (sweet couple) initiated a project to help clean up the playground and surrounding gardens which can often be neglected and super uninspiring to the local youth. Well, they got in touch with moi and was only too happy to help out, as I figure if we as artists are able to inject & enrich our local areas with a positive message through our art, than hopefully it’s a start to strengthening communities which can often be disconnected at times…simply realising the power you have to make a positive shift in a small way can actually make a big change, slowly but surely…once again though, most want change but do eff all about it…time to TAKE ACTION, NOT WACKTION®

Shout out John (caretaker *makes a mean cuppa) Courtney, Zoe & Eric (dog) who each gave 10/10 on playbility factor 🙂


PINS Play Hut_old 1 PINS Play Hut_old 2 PINS Play Hut_blue side PINS Play Hut_close 1 PINS Play Hut_close 2 PINS Play Hut_close 3 PINS Play Hut_sign PINS Play Hut_kids
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