We finally have the details of my independently organised solo show to share with you, it’s happening…

The inspiration behind #NoFaceLikePhone stemmed from a moment with a friend well over a year ago during dinner. For some reason, she was on her phone the whole time updating Facebook / Twitter etc to tell everyone where she was, who with and what food she was about to eat…i’m sure you or someone you know can relate…

It wouldn’t have bothered me as much if it was just a moment or two of online activity, fair enough, but it was the whole time, to the point her chicken got cold and I just got annoyed (I ate her chicken, waste not…)

After the dinner, this made me question relationships on the whole and how truly connected we are with one another, with our phones between us the whole time…

So I decided to create an entire body of work based around our relationships with our phones and their impact on general society. This allowed me to provide my own social commentary through a range of canvas, print, and sculpture artworks.

Throughout the process of creating this work, I have become more and more conscious of how much I use my phone and have been actively switching off / going offline to regain a sense of self control as I feel I was (probably still am to a degree) addicted to my phone…

This lead me to explore Nomophobia, a fear of not having your phone on you (yes, it exists!). It make’s me think how much of the younger generation become dependent on their phones / screens in general, bombarded daily with a crazy amount of information / notifications, and not really switching off much, if at all…not wanting to sound like an oldie (more goldie), but I genuinely care and hope the exhibition will raise some awareness in some part…

This will be my third solo show in London, last one back in 2013 with Clarendon Fine Art gallery, but as mentioned before, totally independent with no gallery backing…just me, you and the art!

As this is a completely independent show, i’m hoping (if you like what you see) you wouldn’t mind spreading the word using the hashtag #NoFaceLikePhone with any phone-related pictures you put out across social media…This would be totally APPRECIATED & i’ll be checking Twitter / Facebook / Instagram for any tags, so if I come across yours in the coming weeks, you may just bag yourself a limited edition, signed print which i’ll be giving away at the show, so tag away! (Just make sure you tech a break mate!)

So save the date, spread the love and if you own a phone, you should totally come! 🙂


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