Like the kicks? Just abit donuts aint they…I painted these ‘Krispy Max’ way back in 2006 and ever since, they’ve become pretty famous in their own right through various events and sneaker related features.

Crepe City 12 kicks off tomorrow, one of the largest sneaker events in London where people sell/trade/buy exclusive footwear, at the Trueman Brewry just off Brick Lane and I have a booth.

For all those who have been following my stuff over the years, you’ll know that I was a regular at the CC events and always looked forward to the next one…well I stepped away for abit to focus on the art side, but now i’m back and in full sneaker mode (never left it) with a krispy treat for visitors…

I will be holding a raffle at 6pm with the top prize being a pair of these hand-pianted ‘Krispy Max’ with custom designed shoebox. There will be 2nd/3rd prizes available too, cos im nice like that.

Now if you’ve never visited a Crepe City event before, be warned, its gets busy, so busy that ques normally start forming from 8am and the event starts at 12pm, but you will get in eventually 🙂

Big up to the CC team Rons, Oisin, Victor and Morgan (plus others) a cool bunch who simply provided a platform to share their love for kicks all them years back, and have now become one of the leading sneaker event pioneers in the game…well done guys!



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