Just the other day, I was on the train and a pretty woman got on and sat next to me. The usual reaction would have been ‘result’, but this woman stunk of fag (cigarettes), and im not even talking a little, she proper stunk!

Without hesitation, I moved seats into the next carriage. I failed to hide my uneasy facial expression smelling the whiff, she saw it but I really couldn’t care less.

Sitting down, firstly annoyed because I had to move from a perfectly good seat near the window, and then secondly, thinking how butters this ‘pretty’ woman now looked to me. My initial impression had gone out the window, and thought to myself “what a damn shame!”

I for one don’t base everything entirely on a woman’s looks, but do get annoyed when a ‘hottie’ smokes, it’s like your hot enough, but that fag just flops it!

I’ve started to notice more and more women smoking excessively and think to myself why do that, yes it’s a habit, but why get involved in something that does you no favours at all. You smell and try and cover it up with spray or just it let it linger (errrrgh!), your finger nails get yellow-ish (eventually), your breath goes off-key (kissing someone with fag breath is not a good look), and your relying on something (which you have to pay for) to keep you calm/relaxed instead of finding other ways.

At the end of the day it’s your life, whether it be a rebellious phase, stresses of life, peer pressure, to look cool, etc, but why spoil such a beautiful face with a dirty fag bang in the middle of it. You don’t need it, you think you do, but you don’t…it most definitely does not need you…your practically spending money (or poncing off someone else) to kill yourself, slowly but surely…

So, if you are a woman who smokes, do as you will, im just thinking of your health and the crazy potential you have to look wayyyy more attractive without a dirty fag spoiling such a beautiful landscape.

The best way to stop smoking is to just stop – no ifs, ands or butts. – Edith Zittler


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