Product placement (a form of advertising which positions brands/products in certain ways to gain consumer interest, exposure and awareness)…its all over the gaff, and is noticeably becoming pretty excessive in music vids, tv shows, commercials, films etc etc over the recent years…TV alone is like one big changeable billboard trying to sell you ishhhh in some shape of form and even on a subliminal level without you even realising…

Morgan Spurlock, The man behind ‘Super Size Me’ which saw him scoffing down Mac Dees for a whole month and showed the repercussions of doing so (basically not a good look), now brings you an insightful take on product placement, branding and advertising in the film, ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’, which is fully financed by participating brands in the film.

No doubt this film’s gonna have more joke moments than serious ones, so will have a pat butchers on a lazy one and see what’s good…


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