Dragon’s Den…you either love it or hate…I love it! If you watch it yourself, you may know about Duncan Bannatyne, one of the more straight talking Dragon’s…well, i came across this vid and found it mad inspirational and thought i’d share it with you…

The fact that Duncan started from nothing, no major qualifications, in n out of prision, bascially in abit of mad position, this should no doubt aim to inspire the current youth of today who are in very similar positions…one of them ones if he can make it, you can smash it up too!

For all the young-ish people who didnt make the grades at school/college, have nothing to do, no direction etc etc, watch this, take note and become an entrepreneur, its the only way…the main reason why I even do what I do is because no one gave me job when I graduated and was literally ‘lost’ at certain periods with no clue as to what next steps to take…sometimes you gotta get out your comfort zones and explore different avenues to get yourself on the right path, it aint easy, but it hard either, thats what kept me going!


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