When you see images like this, how does it make you feel? For me, these kind of images are the reason why I do what I do…you take something and absolutely flip the script! What better way to create something original by inducing your hallucinations as Salvador Dali did…he called them “hand-painted dream photographs”…a reflection of his own subconscious desires on a totally warped level, although he wasn’t warped himself (hard to believe, but he cool), he simply managed to stimulate that side of his brain to think as if he was, nice!

I personally feel in an overly saturated clothing/art market where people are jumping onto similar bandwagons and watering down unoriginal designs, I do feel there is a need for people to tap into something deeper, something more meaningful to create a sense of purpose and ‘differentness’ to whats currently out there…For me, my imagination is my schiieett, it keeps me up at night and gives me that freshness when I need it, but only because I keep it open to absorb everything around it and am constantly seeing how far I can take it…my things is this…if your gonna do it, do it different, or else whats the point, but at the same time, dont try be too different, for the sake of being different, do it cos you genuinely believe thats the shiieettt and it just so happens to be different…simply put, its a mindset, so start thinking differently, and you will start to produce ‘different’ kinds of results in anything you do!


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