Wieden + Kennedy, the greatest advertising agency in the world, have recently scooped up multiple Cubes from The Art Directors Club, the 90th Annual Awards Show. The agency, based in Portand, Oregon, is spread world wide with Offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, São Paulo and Delhi. If you didn’t know already, W-K were behind the overly jokes ‘Old Spice’ commercials which earned them the top prize at the Andy Awards, as well as Gold for the even funnier ‘Questions’ part, while Amsterdam W+K kopped two Golds for Nike’s ‘Write the Future’ World Cup film…don’t watch football much, but this is something special…

Heres a case study on the Old Spice campaign proving how the effectiveness of such a campaign can have a huge impact on brand positioning and increased sales…as well as proving when W+K do something, they do it better than everyone else…

…oh yeah, they also came up with the tagline ‘JUST DO IT’ for Nike back in the day…

…genius, with sprinkles on top!


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