When my creative partner in crime, Anthony Dziworshie (MTV/BBC), told me he needed some people to play some hooded up thugs and act crazy for a video for Fearless (a department of the charity Crimestoppers) which he was directing and co-writing for, I thought imma help my boy out…fast forward to an intense day of Street Fighter styleee antics followed by some dope acting from all involved especially Ryan (the main dude) and his pretend mum (who’s name I totally forgot :/ and who didnt even wanna do it in the first place, but pulled it off sweetly…she can throw a good punch thats for sure…trus me, I gots the bruises!) After a lengthy day of pretend violence which actually hurt, it was a RAPPPP!

This film was specifically targeted at changing the mindset of young people, as the stigma of ‘snitching’ seems to hold negative connotations for the younger generation – in particular teenagers. Fearless is aimed at young people, and tries to make them more comfortable with communicating information about crime anonymously. We wanted to get across a piece that was stimulating, while also conveying the message that crime doesn’t have a face or particular target, meaning it could affect anybodies live if we as individuals or communities allow it to.

After watching the final edit, I honestly have to say it is one of the dopest, thought-provoking vids ive seen in a while, and not just cos Ants my boi, it shows realness and has mad impact…

I urge you guys to support the vid and encourage other young people to speak up in such situations…this kind of madness happens daily way too often without anyone saying a word…

Big up Ants and everyone involved!


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