”1984” Apple Macintosh Commercial

This ”1984” ad began a branding campaign that portrayed Apple as a symbol of counterculture – rebellious, free-thinking and mad creative…definately a powerful ad for back then and still is today!

If you”ve seen the film ”1984”, which is all about mind control of the masses on a ridiculously large scale, then its kind of ironic how Apple today is fast becoming slightly ”Big Brother-ish” in a mad way…think about it…not a bad thing, shows that Apple is above the rest in Marketing who constantly push the boundaries in design and innovation to cater for the ””free thinkers/non-conformists”” and supply that freshness to ultimately create an ”Apple way of life”

I have an iMac and a MacBook, and a Blackberry…and no iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTouch/iNano…yet!


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