When Xmas hits, all I think about is good food and mad discounts on kicks in the sales (just another day then!) Anyhoo, hope you had a tom and jerry xmas…I did! It was officially munch time at the PINS household (as per usual) with the famo, mumsy sprucin up some over serious chicken (allow that dry turkey!) with rice and roasted potatoes, minus the veggie bits, dont do veggie bits at all!! With some beligian waffles with custard and choco bits as afters, and a lickl sip sip of that Malibu n black grape…seriousleeee easy-goinnnng!!
Hit the sales and kopped some rather nice kicks at some rather nice prices…AM1”s Safari”s, DQM (Daves Quality Meats…these feel over comfortable, like hUggs on your foot!!) AM Currents and some Vans Chukkas…I swear, buying kicks is fast becoming similar to buying Milk, its an everyday thing!!

Ps. Pics coming soonish, this damn ting aint allowing me to upload any pics from the mac….lonnnnng!!


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