Kanye West Mini Movie, We Were Once A Fairytale

This was a pretty a cool idea…you either like him or hate him, but you cannot knock his mad creativeness! To me, everything Kanye does is normal, he simply cannot contain that creativity and form of expression, and why should he? This film clearly shows him getting nicely mash up and exposing his egotistical side as per usual and ending up wasted…the fact that he wakes and feels sick is normal, but when he exposes the little furry creature, it shows that demon inside him and wants to get rid of it…What Kanye manages to do quite comfortably is express himself openly and honestly, whereas most people would never dream of doing shit like that!…We all have personal demons which we want to overcome and Kanye shows this in his own way…Sometimes in life your ego can be your worst enemy and you have a tendency to play up to it, but from my personal experience the people with the biggest ego’s have deep rooted issues within themselves and unless they find a way to control it, it will continue to cause conflict…a controlled ego is way better than not having one at all…


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