Diversity Lino Print, PINS©2019_1
Diversity Lino Print, PINS©2019_1Diversity Lino Print, PINS©2019_3Diversity Lino Print, PINS©2019_4DIVERSITY BADGE, PiNS ARTIST©



PINS first proper lino cut about a subject which he's deeply connected with through personal experience…simply put, PINS stands for Diversity not only in the Arts, but across the wider social landscape in order to unite and enrich, as oppose to divide and conquer, so let's > BREAK THE PATTERNS!

*FREE pin badge (6cm diameter)

Oil-based relief Linocut on Southbank 220gsm paper – acid free

420mm x 297mm

Artist signed & numbered / Printer stamped

Limited edition of 30

All prints come flat packed with PINS acid-free tissue paper protecting print

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